Is your preschooler more active and less attentive than her friends? Does he have more trouble settling down when it’s time for naps or meals? How do you know what is normal behavior for kids this age, and when these traits could signal something more, like ADHD?

Join us for this special webcast focusing on early identification of ADHD and interventions that can help. Dr. George DuPaul will discuss:
• What to do if you’re concerned about your preschooler’s behavior
• What is a proper assessment and who should be involved
• Information on effective behavioral and educational supports
• Why it’s important for families to learn about ADHD

George DuPaul, PhD, is a professor of school psychology in the department of education and human services at Lehigh University.

Dr. DuPaul has been an author or co-author on more than 190 journal articles and book chapters related to ADHD. He also has published nine books and two videos related to the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Dr. DuPaul serves on the editorial boards of several journals and is a former associate editor of the School Psychology Review. He is the recipient of the Senior Scientist Award from the American Psychological Association, and is a member of the CHADD Hall of Fame.

Currently, Dr. DuPaul is investigating the effects of early intervention and school-based interventions for students with ADHD, as well as the assessment and treatment of college students with ADHD.



Psih. Mădălina Simion

Psih. Mădălina Simion

Psiholog clinician at NeuroPedi, Bucuresti
S-a specializat in evaluarea psihologica si neuropsihologica a copiilor si adolescentilor cu afectiuni medicale (ADHD, autism, anxietate, intarzieri in dezvoltare, tulburari genetice, tumori cerebrale, epilepsie, hidrocefalie, traumatisme cranio-cerebrale, etc)
Psih. Mădălina Simion

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