Dr. Coenie Hattingh

This is a video of a dissection of a human brain performed on a cadaver and recorded in the Division of Anatomy in the Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The original purpose of this recording was for presentation at the 15th annual conference of the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society in New York 2014

Since then, I have shown this dissection to my third year medical students at the University of Cape Town during their neurosciences block, who have requested it be made public so that they and their fellow students from around the world could watch it.

This dissection focuses on the neuroanatomy of affect – those structures associated with affect in terms of the Pankseppian model. Included here are only the structures that are macroscopically visible. So in essence, this video is an introduction to the spatial relationships of those macroscopically visible structures related to affect.

This video is for educational purposes for students in the medical fraternity. We keep in mind the cadaver which is the organic remains of what was once our fellow human being, and in learning from this dissection, we pay homage to that individual’s considerable gift essentially enabling our learning of the human brain so that we may go forth, and heal.

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