Teenagers with attention deficits often have unique academic and behavioral challenges.

Parents of teens affected by ADHD often find themselves frustrated, trying to understand what is typical teen behavior and what behavior is due to ADHD symptoms. Teens and their parents find themselves struggling over:
• homework completion
• academic challenges
• school failure
• disorganization
• sleep issues
• defiance
• strained parent/teen relationship
• medication compliance and ineffectiveness.

These challenges are often related to teens’ three-year delay in brain maturation, hidden learning challenges, executive function deficits or ineffective doses of medication. Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, author of Teenagers with ADD and ADHD, and her husband, Tommy Dendy, will focus on identifying key challenges during the teen years and troubleshooting tips for addressing them.

Chris Zeigler Dendy is an author, former teacher, school psychologist, mental health counselor, and director of children’s services at a mental health center in Tallahassee, Fla., with more than 40 years experience in these fields. Perhaps more importantly, she is the mother of two sons and a daughter with ADHD. She is the author of several popular books and videos on teens with ADHD, including Teenagers with ADD and ADHD, 2nd ed., 2006, Teaching Teenagers with ADD, ADHD, and Executive Function Deficits (2011), and A Bird’s-Eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD.

Ms. Dendy and Mr. Dendy are members of CHADD’s President’s Council. Ms. Dendy is also a former member of national CHADD’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee and a current member of the CHADD Hall of Fame. Ms. Dendy was the co-founder of Gwinnett County, Georgia, CHADD. Nationally, she conducts training sessions on ADHD for parents, educators, and mental health professionals, consults with state and local mental health agencies on children’s issues, and serves on the advisory board of the USF/FMHI Research and Training Center for Children’s Mental Health. Ms. Dendy was the lead author for the “CHADD Educator’s Manual on ADHD” and was one of the creators of “CHADD’s Teacher to Teacher” training modules on ADHD.


Psih. Mădălina Simion

Psih. Mădălina Simion

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Psih. Mădălina Simion

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